The Stanford Savior Complex: Unwanted

Some of you guys might recognize this from Instagram, but still, I wanted to share some thoughts about my time in rural India…
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My Accepted Stanford Essays

Google Docs has crashed several time since I first uploaded and shared my essays with you guys, so I’m migrating them to my blog to manage traffic flow. Enjoy, and let me know if you’d be interested in seeing my other accepted essays I submitted to others schools!

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Checking “Asian”: What it means to be Asian and apply to college.

“I wouldn’t tell them you’re Asian,” my cousin posed before taking another sip of his beer. He laughed – numb from his hushed inhibitions – and swiveled toward the cooler behind him, turning back with two beers in hand and tipping one in my direction. “Colleges don’t like to hear about how Asian you are.”

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I’m not excited about Stanford.

Stanford is full of opportunity, and so I’m going to try my best to find my place somewhere among the visionaries and palm trees. A┬ácertain kind of person deserves a place at Stanford, and I’m just not sure how much longer I can continue to pretend that I’m that person.

. . .

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