Adieu: An Analysis of Language

I’ve been working on many many interesting and strange projects, y’know…. just cause. This one is a little much, but if you’re at all interested in French New Wave or Jean Luc Godard’s work, please do check out my analysis, Adieu, below.

An animated informal critical analysis of Godard’s most recent film, Adieu.





Who I am and want to be

A short note:

Over the last year I’ve been trying delicately to balance my online persona and the day-to-day (who I actually am.) I started this blog hoping for it to be an easy way to catalogue my general thoughts on college and growing up, but my interests are shifting. There’s so much more I want to say online.

I know many of those that actually keep up with this blog do so for insights on college life and Stanford, but that type of content is going to quickly dissipate. I’m sorry 😦 I’m sure you all notice that I don’t post much anymore, and that’s because “Stanford” and “college” as topics are losing the excitement that they once inspired in me. I want to blog about design, fashion, film, and media…. I want those to be the subjects of my ramblings shared here. I know I’m pretty much quitting something I barely started (this blog) which is lame, but I’m hoping a few of you still stick around, despite this entirely new direction (I promise this stuff is so so cool!)

In some ways this is the perfect ending to a blog about growing up and college – finding your interests and letting it consume the entirety of you. That’s probably what growing up and college is all about. Becoming comfortable in you skin, figuring out what you love, and leaving behind ties to whoever you were and whatever you did. It’s okay to start fresh and constantly reinvent yourself. It’s okay to leave things unfinished.

Happy New Years!


The Stanford Savior Complex: Unwanted

Some of you guys might recognize this from Instagram, but still, I wanted to share some thoughts about my time in rural India…
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Checking “Asian”: What it means to be Asian and apply to college.

“I wouldn’t tell them you’re Asian,” my cousin posed before taking another sip of his beer. He laughed – numb from his hushed inhibitions – and swiveled toward the cooler behind him, turning back with two beers in hand and tipping one in my direction. “Colleges don’t like to hear about how Asian you are.”

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